Meet Our Cast

At Magical Moments Entertainment we want you to get to know our cast of friendly faces. Below are the ones dedicated to bringing the magical moments to every event. 




Performer - Princesses, Superheroes, and Villain Kids

Jorie is the owner and founder of Magical Moments Entertainment. She has been singing since the age of 2, acting since high school and cosplaying since 2013 when she moved to Omaha. Jorie has always dreamt of working for Disney and in October 2013 that dream was almost realized. After auditioning for Disney and making it to the final round, Jorie decided to start cosplaying Disney princesses. This later lead her to creating a company where she can bring the magic a little closer to home. Her favorite characters to perform as are the Brave Princess, Mel and Tink.

Favorite Movie: Brave

Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies and Cream

Favorite Song: Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Favorite Candy: Take 5

Favorite Color: Purple



Company Performance Manager

Performer - Princesses and Superheroes

Jessie is a stage manager and actor who graduated in May of 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Currently, Jessie is a stage manager for theatres in Omaha. However, she has been acting since the age of 7.. A fun fact about Jessie is that she lived in 3 countries by the age of 9 (United States, Italy, and Japan)! Jessie is also the Company Performance Manager, and trains new performers as well as assisting with organization and events! Her favorite characters to perform as are the Ice Princess and the Yodeling Cowgirl.

Favorite Movie: Toy Story 2

Favorite Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip

Favorite Song: Burning Up by the Jonas Brothers

Favorite Candy: Sweet Tarts

Favorite Color: Pink



Performer - Princesses

Sarah has been singing, dancing and acting since she was 3 in many different community settings. She is classically trained singer, with backgrounds in competitive jazz and contemporary styles. She has volunteered as a preschool teacher for 7 years and loves the energy of working with children. During the day Sarah is a retail assistant manager. In her free time she enjoys baking and cake decorating. Sarah loves waltzing around with Cinderella.

Favorite Movie: Lilo and Stitch

Favorite Ice Cream: Black Raspberry Dark Chocolate Chunk

Favorite Song: anything by Tori Kelly

Favorite Color: Pink



Performer - Princes, Superheroes

Carter is a sophomore at Nebraska Wesleyan University, pursuing a BFA in Acting and a minor in Mathematics. He has been performing for as long as he can remember, and hopes he can bring the magic of theatre to you!

Favorite Movie: Polar Express

Favorite Ice Cream: Sherbet

Favorite Song: Space Cadet by The Technicolors

Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Kids

Favorite Color: Dark Blue



Performer - Princesses

Maria is an actress who loves to bring joy and smiles to kids faces. She graduated from Bellevue East High School, and was heavily involved in theatre. With each show she tried something different. She was in the ensemble, apart of light tech, a stage hand, and stage craft. When she’s not preforming, she loves to spend time with her family and friends, reading books, and seeing movies. Her favorite characters to hang out with are the Latina Princess, Princess Beauty and one of the Genie Twins.

Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast

Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate

Favorite Song: Phantom of the Opera

Favorite Color: Purple and hot pink



Performer - Princes, Superheroes

Payton is a freshman at the University of Nebraska at Omaha majoring in theatre with a focus in acting, and minoring in Spanish. He’s been acting since early elementary school, and loves to sing and dance. Payton is also a big fan of all things Mexican food but will eat just about anything. Payton’s most recent role was Captain Albert Lennox in the Secret Garden at UNO. In high school, Payton was a 3-time state medalist in Speech and a national medalist during his senior year. Payton’s favorite thing to do is hang out with the Ice Harvester and dance with the Ice Princess.

Favorite Movie: Cat in the Hat

Favorite Ice Cream: No comment

Favorite Song: Boyfriend by Ariana Grande feat. Social House

Favorite Candy: Cherry Twizzler Pull n’ Peels

Favorite Color: Yellow



Performer - Princesses

Emily has been doing pageants and cheerleading since age 10 and is now spending her time as a senior airman in the United States Air Force. She loves all things Disney and baking. Her favorite characters to hang out with are the Little Mermaid and Rapunzel!



Performer - Princesses, Superheroes

Olivia is a part-time princess and full time nanny. She absolutely adores working with children and is currently attending Metro Community College to earn her degree in Social Working. She desires to bring hope, safety, and magic to every child she meets. That is why she loves being a Princess. To her there is nothing better than watching a kid light up with joy from meeting their favorite character. Her favorite characters to spend time with are Sleeping Beauty, the Little Mermaid, and the Snow Queen.

Favorite Movie: Peter Pan

Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate Reese’s

Favorite Song: Hakuna Matata from The Lion King

Favorite Color: Green



Performer - Princesses

Kelanie grew up dancing, acting, and modeling in Chicago, IL. She continued her dance training at the University of Missouri Kansas City where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and earned her BFA in Dance. Kelanie has danced professionally with Madison Ballet, Minnesota Ballet, Kansas City Ballet, and Wylliams/Henry Contemporary Dance Company. She is currently dancing with American Midwest Ballet, and she teaches a variety of styles of dance. Kelanie enjoys choreographing; spending time with friends, family, and animals; and working as a server and a skincare and wellness consultant.



Performer - Princesses, Superheroes

Syrah started performing on stage at 3 years old, anywhere from dance, to theater, to music. Most of her life she has focused on music, specifically singing and playing the guitar. She is also involved in competitive speech, and enjoys exercising and crafting. Her love of Disney movies and working with kids is what drew her to Magical Moments Entertainment!

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter

Favorite Ice Cream: Cookie Dough

Favorite Song: San Francisco by The Mowglis

Favorite Color: Maroon



Performer - Princesses

Morgan is studying music education at the University of South Dakota. Morgan has been heavily involved in choir, show choir, dance, musical theatre, stage management, broadcast media, and many other leadership roles. She loves to choreograph for show choirs and children’s theatre. When Morgan is not on or backstage of a show, she is spending time with friends and family.

Favorite Movie: Monsters Inc.

Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies and Cream

Favorite Song: anything by Michael Jackson

Favorite Color: Periwinkle



Performer - Princesses, Superheroes

Rowan is an aspiring actor and costume designer in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area who is an arts student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Rowan has an enormous passion for theatre and their favorite show is Rent! Outside of work, acting, and performing for MME, Rowan spends the majority of their time building new cosplays and improving their current ones to take to local conventions. Some of their favorite characters to portray are Sleeping Beauty and Tink!

Favorite Movie: Mulan

Favorite Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip

Favorite Song: The Sound by 1975

Favorite Candy: Gummy Bears

Favorite Color: Hunter Green

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 3.45.46 PM.png


Performer - Princes, Superheroes

Alex hails from Denver, Colorado, and acquired his love for theatre at a very young age. After performing all throughout his home state (his favorite being in The Rocky Horror Picture Show). He has continued studying his craft at Nebraska Wesleyan University as a sophomore Musical Theatre BFA. When not seen on the stage, Alex can be found practicing his accordion or on-stand as a YMCA lifeguard.

Favorite Movie: Hunchback of Notre Dame

Favorite Ice Cream: Vanilla

Favorite Song: Irresponsible

Favorite Candy: Lemon Heads

Favorite Color: Yellow



Performer - Princes

Tony is an actor, writer, singer, director, and fight choreographer in the Omaha area, and it the founder and Artistic Director of The Corsair Players, a fledgling local theater company specializing in original one-act plays. He graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 2010, and has been onstage since he was 12 years old. Tony works as a personal banker with American National Bank, and also works as a DJ/KJ with 31st Productions in Omaha. He loves performing in any way he can, and making kids smile is always something he looks forward to.



Performer - Princesses

Rachel is a student at Millard North High School and is a trained dancer studying under professional American Midwest Ballet dancers. She is part of the JCC Dance Training Company and has been dancing since the age of 3. She is also an honors student at Millard North! Rachel has been lucky enough to study dance in Jerusalem and other parts of the world, and loves to learn new dances!

Favorite Movie: Camp Rock

Favorite Ice Cream: Cake Batter

Favorite Song: anything by the Beatles

Favorite Candy: Twix

Favorite Color: Purple



Performer - Princesses, Superheroes

Becca is a student at Bellevue East High School. She is a member of the varsity show choir and cheer squad. She does voice lessons with Jen Kalvoda at UNO. She babysits once in a while for family friends and teaches a 4 year old class for her church. She enjoys bringing laughter to people and making people happy. She loves being a princess because seeing the kids and how their spirits are lifted makes her so happy!

Favorite Movie: Mulan

Favorite Ice Cream: Strawberry

Favorite Song: Cruisin for a Bruisin from the Teen Beach Movie

Favorite Candy: Kit Kat’s

Favorite Color: Yellow



Performer - Princesses

Riley has been a member of community theatre since she was eight years old. She got her start at The Chanticleer Community Theater in Council Bluffs, Riley also works as a volunteer at the Henry Doorly Zoo, and hopes to study entomology. She enjoys working with younger students, as she believes that the only way to change the world is through inspiring the next generation to make a difference.

Favorite Movie: A Bug’s Life

Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies and Cream

Favorite Song: Be More Kind by Frank Turner

Favorite Candy: Fruit Mentos

Favorite Color: Every color



Performer - Superheroes